• What I hear the Lord speaking today:

    “This natural deluge of rain this weekend is a picture, a shadow of what is beginning to happen in the Spirit.  There is coming, and it has already started, a prolonged downpour of the presence of God that will flood South Carolina.  Charleston is the headwaters of a refreshing, reviving river of revival that will sweep South Carolina, the Southeast United States, and the entire east coast just like the rain from Hurricane Joaquin is causing flooding right now.  Everywhere the river flows there will be healing.  Just as the authorities have blocked off the peninsula of Charleston from being entered for a time, God has given us authority in the Spirit to keep the gates of the city.  Sozo rain is beginning to fall.  Some will fear the rain. Some will enjoy the rain.  Some will try to stop the rain.  No one can escape the effect of the rain.  It is time to learn to sing and dance in the rain of His presence and embrace the rain as children.”

    Pastor Mark
  • Historically, we are witnessing an event that has signifance meaning.  In my research, I discovered the name Joaquin means, "Jehovah has established", "God will judge", "Lifted by Yahweh".

    As we know, October means 8 which is new beginnings, new covenant, success in business.  Being our 10th month it means Law and Order.

    The dates 2,3,4,5 (Friday- Monday, the duration of the intense weather)- 

      2- witness

      3- Divine unity (Father, Son, Spirit)

      4- productive and of the earth; division

      5- grace

    October 3- 28th wedding Anniversary. 28 means "Power"

    Osvaldo's birthday- Osvaldo means. "Divine Power"; Placersmeans "Pleasing to taste"

    Water is symbolic of:  power, life, purity, healing, cleansing, refreshing, growth

    Wind is symbolic of:  breathe, power, spirit

    Flood is symbolic of:  washing away the old in preparation for the new; repentance, obedience, purification,  to eradicate - remove completely, wipe away

    Other interesting factors in this event:

    Charleston- means "Free man"

    Carolina- means "Song of Happiness"

    Characteristics of the North (Carolina) and South (Carolina)

      North: tranquility, wisdom, knowledge, steadfastness, comfort,maturity, and security

      South:  excitement, accomplishment, exploring, pioneering, adventure

    Even though we are experiencing challenges with this storm, the results of its work will be very rewarding.  Very much like the Great Flood, this is a symbolic work of purification  this is definitely a divinely ordained event.  In this process of of God's judgement (not necessarily harsh or condemning), God is going to lift us up.  Yes, we have opportunity to prosper during this time. There has been comments about the economic shut down in the Palmetto state due to this event.  However, like the Palmetto trees, we are resilient.  And business will be restored to better than usual.  This storm and flooding will be very productive and for those who have been preparing themselves for times like these. God's grace is what allows us to face this with peace and assurance.  All is well.

    Believe it or not, this is an empowering exercise.  This is a test on how we manage our personal state (emotions, mindset, relationships, finances, etc,) and operate in our faith.  Our response can be pleasing and tasteful or displeasing and distasteful.  God is wanting us to be salt and season even in the most difficult of situations.  

    Like the Great Flood, symbolically God is purifying and washing away the old in preparation for the new things that are to come.  The old is being completely wiped away as power, growth, and refreshing are coming. 

    The Carolinas will be a song of Happiness for the Kingdom!  We will be lifted up and He will be made famous through us.  This is truly the place to be at this time in history.  We are pioneers and adventures in the Kingdom.  We will embark on many new things.  In partnership with our sister state (North Carolina), who is wise, tranquil, comforting, mature and steadfast, we will see the greatness of our God established with our territories.

    Believe it or not, all of this is God's response to the prayers that were prayed at our "Response".  He has heard us and He is working very quickly to prepare us for what will be Historically noted as the Best Days of our Lives!  Yes, it is a good time to be us!

    Enjoy the adventure!


Our regular services have been cancelled for today but we will have a prayer set at 11:30 in the chapel for those that can safely join us. We encourage families to gather and have a time of worship and the word in your homes. We have several prophetic words that will be posted on the Website and facebook pages. This is a great time to be us!

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  • This service meets in “The Warehouse” on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. This service is designed for the older youth and young adults to draw near to God in intimate worship and fellowship together.



  • This service meets in “The Warehouse” on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month. This service is designed especially for youth ages 9 – 14 years old. The youth will spend the first half of the service worshiping with the young adults. Then the second half they will break off and receive an age appropriate message and participate in a related activity.



  • During this time with the North Palm Family, there are teachings, discipleship, impartation and community building. We also have programs for the children. If you want to be a leader, this is the place for you





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